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Who is eligible to apply for a loan for bad credit?

Anyone with a low credit rating (lower than 600) is eligible to apply for loans with low credit scores from lenders that accept low credit scores. Anything less than 300-400 will not be taken into consideration. Documents, debts, income, and other information will be considered prior to the approval of the loan. Don’t however seek a loan with a low credit score if it’s more than a temporary loan.


Students from the 2019-20 classes of the NMDC BalikaShiksha Yojana received their B.Sc and GNM (nurses) certificates in Hyderabad today. The total number of participants from the 2 classes were honored on their graduation ceremonies held on the premises of Secunderabad which was which was attended by top NMDC officials.

It is the NMDC has been running its B. Shiksha Yojana program since 2011 to 2012, to provide female tribal women in the Division of Chhattisgarh to enroll in a nursing school within the ApolloInstitute of Nursing. Through this program, every year, fourty students with low incomes from poor backgrounds have been given the opportunity to continue their nursing education for more than 10 years now.

The initiative has helped around four hundred tribal female students from socio-economically marginalized sections of the communities that are located within NMDC activities within Bastar, Chhattisgarh. When the course, the students are enrolled in a variety of hospital facilities, both private and public, across the nation.

The program did not just create roles models for the young women who reside in Bastar as well as aided the efforts of the government to improve health services in the challenging district within the BastarDivision.

The CSR efforts of NMDC’s in the education field and skill development have brought dreams real for students living in the most remote regions in the United States.

We wish the students a prosperous career ahead Deb, Shri Sumit, CMD, NMDC stated, “It’s just a matter of pride for the NMDC to play a role in the progress of female tribal students in being health experts in the nation. I am hoping that the girls will become the change agents within their communities, much like their parents.